Boll Azubis - Dein Weg zum Erfolg

About us

BOLL has been operating successfully ever since 1863. Today, with our approximately 500 employees and an annual turnover of 40 million euro, the company is a multi-modal logistics services provider at three locations in Emsland, north Germany.

Diverse co-operations today provide BOLL with access to international logistics networks and can offer clients logistics solutions for anything from small parcels to overseas containers.

Facts and Figures

  • Employees: 500
  • Turnover: 40 million euro
  • Tonnage (tons per year): 450,000
  • Shipments per day: 2,400
  • Trucks -short and long distance
    • own: 150
    • sub-contractors: 50
    • No. of customers: 650