Boll Azubis - Dein Weg zum Erfolg

Company Philosophy


We always find a way

  • for ourselves
  • for our colleagues
  • in the departments
  • for our customers

Basic principles and values of the Boll Group

Boll Spedition & Logistik is a renowned family-run business with a long tradition and the courage to move with the times. A healthy financial basis shall secure the future existence of the company and guarantee opportunities for further growth.

Basic Principles

Respect for people and property is a stand-out feature.
Punctual, comprehensive and open information shape our internal and external communication.
Long-lasting top quality solutions and products and an excellent service generate a high degree of customer satisfaction.
Resources are conserved through a pronounced environmental awareness.
Employees shall be qualified and given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. They should work in and make decisions in an independent fashion. They should feel contented.