The first graders at the Astrid Lindgren School can be recognised early, even in the dark season, thanks to the safety waistcoats.

First graders equipped with safety vests

Spedition BOLL ensures more safety on the way to school

Meppen. The first graders at the Astrid Lindgren Primary School in Rühle have been equipped with a set of safety waistcoats by BOLL. This makes it easier to recognise the little school leavers in good time, especially in the darker months of the year.

"In principle, it is important for cyclists and pedestrians to be visible in road traffic. Especially for children, the danger of being overlooked by other road users is particularly high in the dark season. This is where we would like to provide more safety with the safety waistcoats," says Ulrich Boll, spokesman for the management of Spedition BOLL. The sponsoring of the high-visibility waistcoats, however, is not the only measure taken by the Emsland logistics service provider for more road safety. For example, it offers primary schools in the region the opportunity to hold blind spot training sessions on site. Here, Guido Tangen, fleet manager at BOLL, informs the children about particularly dangerous situations in road traffic and gives them concrete tips and behavioural patterns to help them avoid accidents in road traffic.  These could not take place this year due to the Corona pandemic.  "We are aware of our responsibility in the area of road accident prevention. By sponsoring the protective waistcoats, we want to send an additional signal for more safety in road traffic and hope to be able to start the training courses again next year," Boll is convinced.

According to the ADAC, children in dark clothing can be seen far too late by drivers. With a safety waistcoat and light-coloured clothing, on the other hand, a child can be seen by the driver from a distance of 140 metres.