Joint work in the moor

BOLL supports "Junior Ranger" project at the Emsland Moormuseum

Meppen. With a donation of 3,000 euros for the "Junior Ranger" project at the Emsland Moor Museum, Spedition BOLL once again set an example for environmental protection and sustainability this year. In addition, some employees and children of employees of the Meppen-based forwarding agency were motivated to work together with the Junior Ranger team to dekussel the moor. In landscape conservation, the removal of young trees, so-called kussel, from heath areas, wet meadows and moors is referred to as "dekusseling". The trees extract water from the soil and make rewetting measures more difficult. 

The "BOLL Team Kids" were guided by the junior rangers and informed about the conditions in the diverse and exciting moor habitat. But the adults were also convinced by the joint effort. "The topic of environmental protection concerns us all. Here we have the opportunity to do something for the preservation of nature right on our doorstep. I'm happy to invest the time," sums up Mareike Wahmes, an employee of Spedition Boll, who took part in the work together with her two children.
The logistics provider from Emsland has supported the "Junior Ranger" project with an annual donation since 2014. The Junior Rangers work to preserve nature at the Emsland Moor Museum and in the Bourtanger Moor - Bargerveen International Nature Park. The donation can be used to purchase binoculars and spotting scopes,
among other things, or to organise group meetings, tent camps and excursions.

For Managing Director Ulrich Boll, who himself actively participated in the work, the promotion of the youth project is a matter close to his heart. "We are well aware of the special responsibility of our industry with regard to environmental aspects. The conservation of resources and the protection of the environment are firmly established corporate goals. But we also want to make our contribution to future generations through active participation in sustainable projects," Boll is convinced. Thus, the company's investments have always been characterised by the aspect of sustainability and ecological responsibility.  More than 20 years ago, the company was certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system. The majority of the logistics service provider's vehicles have environmentally friendly Euro 6 engines, and various energy-efficient measures have also been implemented at all locations.

If you would like to find out more about the work and exciting projects of the Junior Rangers, you can find out more here: