Successful TAPA-C certification at BOLL

Investing in more security

The exact name is "TAPA Facility Security Requirements (FSR) 2017 - Level C". TAPA stands for "Transported Asset Protection Association". It is an interest group (currently approx. 600 members) of international manufacturers, logistics service providers, freight companies and law enforcement agencies, among others. The aim of this network is to reduce losses in the international supply chain caused by theft or burglary.

In accordance with a shareholder resolution, all Unitrans partners unanimously decided at the time to be certified according to TAPA-C. At BOLL, this concerned warehouses in Meppen and Emsbüren. At BOLL, this concerned the warehouses at the Meppen and Emsbüren locations. Beforehand, however, certain requirements had to be met in order to be ready for the certification. A new burglar alarm system was installed, the existing video technology had to be revised/optimised and an external security service was switched on. But we assume that the investment in additional security systems will pay off, because for more and more shippers, such certification will be a prerequisite for awarding contracts in the future.