Why did you become a driver? What does the job mean to you?

In our recruiting film, four of our drivers answer these questions. If you feel addressed and are just as passionate about your job, then come and join us in the #BOLLTEAM.

Send us your brief application to:

If you have any further questions, please call Julia Bachmann on 05931/402-162.

We look forward to seeing you!

How many people does it take to pull a truck?

See the video clip for the answer.



BOLL means total warehousing. Including order picking, returns management, recycling inspection, etc.

BOLL gets your goods on their way. We are characterised by a high sense of responsibility and quality - because we want to be successful together with you!

BOLL value added services can mean many things. From complete returns management to goods-specific packaging and labelling, assembly and disassembly... We will work with you to find an individual, economical and qualitatively convincing solution - so you can concentrate on your core business.We are successful with you, because BOLL is your reliable partner for logistics!

How does groupage actually work?

In our explanatory video you can learn everything about our stable collection system.