Boll Azubis - Dein Weg zum Erfolg

Cable Logistics

A good connection - Kabellogistik Nord-West.

It is vital to spot innovations and changes early on - better still to adjust to future requirements immediately - and therefore be one tep ahead of others.

In setting up "Kabellogistik Nord-West", we have a new services unit in which we have expanded our range of cables and wiring and also optimised the related services.

The quick availability of all products at all time and at every location plus a market-oriented range of products are two of the most important aims for the successful realisation of the project as planned. It is why we have gon for a centrally organised cable logistics. Other decisive improvements: Kabellogistik Nord-West has enabled us to significantly expand our range of products, the available capacity to store pallets and our services within the cutting technology field.

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